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Kirby 4.2.0

Field previews

The structure field tries to create the best possible preview for the field in its table view, once you have submitted the form.

For more complex fields like URL, email, files, pages or users, we provide special preview components in Vue that take care of rendering the result in a nice way.

If you create your own field plugins, you might want to optimize the preview of such fields in the structure table as well. This can be done with custom field preview components in your plugin.

panel.plugin('demo/plugin', {
  fields: {
      myfield: {
  components: {
    'k-myfield-field-preview': {
      props: {
        value: String,
        column: Object,
        field: Object
      template: '<p>Your preview code goes here</p>'


The important part here is that you get the naming of the component right. Otherwise the structure field cannot find your preview component:



The preview component automatically receives the following props:

Prop Type Description
value mixed The current value that has been entered in the form
column Object The optional column definition from the blueprint
field Object The field definition from the blueprint

You don't necessarily have to register them all. Register the ones you need for your preview. It's fine if you only need the value.