• Screenshot: Instant Installation

    Instant Installation

    Installing Kirby means uploading some files to your server and that's it. No fighting with your database setup, no 10-step setup wizard – it's a matter of seconds. Read more →

  • Screenshot: Any Content You Like

    Any Content You Like

    Blog articles, galleries, simple pages or complex product sheets – with Kirby you are not limited to a fixed data structure. You are in control of your content. Read more →

  • Screenshot: The Kirby Panel

    The Kirby Panel

    Scared of the filesystem? Install the fast and powerful Kirby web interface to administrate your website right in your browser. Read more →

  • Screenshot: NoSQL? Kirby Prefers NoDB!

    NoSQL? Kirby Prefers NoDB!

    Kirby is file-based – No database involved. This means first class performance, version controllable content, simple backups and many other awesome sideeffects. Read more →

  • Screenshot: jQuery-Inspired API

    jQuery-Inspired API

    Kirby's highly flexible API is very easy to learn and will boost your productivity while you can focus on building high-quality websites for your clients. Read more →

  • Screenshot: Markdown Syntax

    Markdown Syntax

    Use your favorite editor to write your content with plain Markdown or use Kirbytext, a powerful, extended version of the popular Markdown syntax. Read more →

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What others say about Kirby

  • Avatar of Ringo Moss

    Ringo Moss


    Messing about with @getkirby. Absolutely superb, amazingly well documented, super simple, everything works. I LOVE IT!

  • Avatar of Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine


    Looks interesting: Kirby, a file-based PHP-based CMS with NoDB and a jQuery inspired API

  • Avatar of Cem K.

    Cem K.


    I LOVED how easy it was to move my @getkirby sites from one server (@zerigo) to another (@macminicolo). The future is DB-less. Trust me.

  • Avatar of Julie Ng

    Julie Ng


    Really loving how flexible @getkirby is. The documentation is also really thorough and fab.