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Kirby 4.3.0

Darkroom driver

Darkroom drivers are responsible for resizing, cropping and modifying images using Kirby's thumb API.

You can create your own custom darkroom drivers by extending one of the existing drivers or the base Darkroom class.

Extending an existing darkroom driver

To modify only parts of an existing driver like the ImageMagick driver, you can extend that class and selectively overwrite individual methods, e.g. the convert() method in this example:

class CustomImageMagick extends Kirby\Image\Darkroom\ImageMagick
    protected function convert(string $file, array $options): string
        // your custom code
        // ...

        return parent::convert($file, $options);

You then have to register the new darkroom driver:

Kirby\Image\Darkroom::$types['custom-im'] = CustomImageMagick::class;

Extending the Darkroom class

Alternatively, you can extend the Darkroom class to implement a new darkroom driver.

class SuperDriver extends Kirby\Image\Darkroom
    // implement methods here

As before, you have to register the new darkroom driver:

Kirby\Image\Darkroom::$types['super'] = SuperDriver::class;