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Kirby 4.3.0

Textarea buttons

You can add your custom textarea button in a plugin via the textareaButtons extension:

panel.plugin("getkirby/custom-textarea-buttons", {
  textareaButtons: {
    highlight: {
      label: "Highlight",
      icon: "wand",
      click: function () {
        this.command("toggle", "<mark>", "</mark>")
      shortcut: "m",

Each button should specify a label, an icon as well as a click handler.

click handler

This function is called when your button is clicked. You can add any code you want, but most likely you want to use the this.command(name, ...args) helper functions to trigger changes in the textarea input.

Don't use arrow function syntax such as click: () =>. We cannot rebind this inside of an arrow function and you won't have access to the this.command helper.

The following commands are supported:

Command name Description Arguments
dialog Opens a dialog component string dialog name
insert Inserts the given text at the current selection string func text
prepend Prepends the given text to the current selection string func text
toggle Toggles wrapping of the current selection string func before,
string func after (optional)
upload Opens the file upload dialog
wrap Wraps the current selection with the given text string func before,
string func after (optional)

All arguments that can be a callback function themselves, will be called with two parameters:

  • input reference to textarea input Vue component
  • selection currently selected text

For example, the default ordered list button triggers the following command

this.command("insert", (input, selection) =>
    .map((line, index) => index + 1 + ". " + line)


Each button can also define a shortcut which will trigger the button's click handler when the shortcut is pressed together with the Cmd/Ctrl key inside the textarea.

Use in the field

Your new textare button won't automatically be included in the textarea's toolbar. To add it, use the buttons option.