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Connect with other Kirby developers around the world or meet face-to-face at a local meetup.

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Want to host a meetup?

  1. It doesn't have to be anything big: a small get-together at the local pub or an event in an agency's office. What matters is to meet like-minded people. Start small.
  2. Think about how to spend your time. What do you prefer? Just chatting with other developers about Kirby, work and life? Sharing lessons learned from projects in short presentations?
  3. Spread the word. Let the community know about your event. Send us an email or share it on Discord and we will help you promote it.
  4. Take photos. Not a must, and nobody should be forced to do so. Of course, we'd love to see some snaps of your meetings, if everyone feels comfortable with it.

Shake it like a polaroid picture