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Kirby 4.3.0


Collections are registered with the collections extension.

Callback definition

The collections extension accepts an array of collections where the key is the name of the collection and the value a callback function that returns the collection.

Kirby::plugin('your/plugin', [
  'collections' => [
    'projects' => function ($site) {
      return $site->find('projects')->children()->listed();

File definition

Alternatively, you can require a file. The required file would be a collection with a return function.

Kirby::plugin('your/plugin', [
  'collections' => [
    'articles' => require 'some/file.php'

Usage in templates

Once defined, you can use the collection in your templates using the collection() helper.

<?php foreach (collection('articles') as $article): ?>
  Author: <?= $article->author() ?>
<?php endforeach ?>