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Kirby 4.3.0

Block methods

Block methods are registered with the blockMethods extension.

Default block methods

For a full list of default block methods, please check out the Reference.

Be aware that - contrary to block models - custom block methods cannot override default block methods.

Custom block methods vs. block models

block models are a great way to create an extended version of the default block object with additional methods and functionalities. But a block model is tied to a specific block type, while custom block methods apply to all block objects. If your use case is based on one specific block types, a block model might be the better solution. If you have methods that should be available for all block objects, a custom block method is the way to go.

Getting started

You can extend the set of defined block methods very easily in a plugin file.

Kirby::plugin('my/block-methods', [
    'blockMethods' => [
        'url' => function () {
            return $this->parent()->url() . '/#' . $this->id();

This example shows the basic architecture of a block method. You define the method name with the key for the blockMethods extension array. $this in the callback function is the $block object.