With hooks you can intercept all kinds of Kirby events to inject your own code, for example, react when a user uploads a file or when they save a page. See below for more details.


Hooks allow you to react on Kirby events like file uploads, page updates etc.

Kirby provides two variants of each hook: before and after hooks.

Before hooks

A before hook is triggered before an action is executed, i.e. before a page is actually updated, a file uploaded, a route called etc.

Typical use cases for before hooks include:

  • Throw an error to prevent certain users from executing an action in general or under certain circumstances.
  • Store information in the session.
  • Log something before an action is executed.

After hooks

An after hook is triggered right after the action was executed. Some typical use cases for these hooks are:

  • Automatically resize a huge image and save a smaller version instead.
  • Modify user entered information when a user saves the page.
  • Log something when an action is executed.