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Kirby 4.2.0


Returns the Response object for the current request

$kirby->render(?string $path = null, ?string $method = null): Kirby\Http\Response|null


Name Type Default
$path string|null null
$method string|null null

Return type


Parent class


Disabling the render method

$kirby->render() can be disabled temporarily by setting

$_ENV['KIRBY_RENDER'] = false;

This needs to be set before $kirby->render() is called.

As an example, this is used by the Kirby CLI to load the index.php without getting any output. This way, the CLI can access the correct $kirby instance with all custom roots and options.

If one of your independent PHP scripts need access to the $kirby instance in a similar way, you can require the index.php like this …


$_ENV['KIRBY_RENDER'] = false;

// Kirby will not render anything
require __DIR__ . '/index.php';

// You get full access to the $kirby object
// with all custom settings