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Blueprints are configuration files written in YAML that help you to customize the Panel.


  • Blueprints are stored in /site/blueprints.
  • Blueprints configure the Panel layout of the site, pages, files and users.
  • Start simple with presets.
  • Create your own layouts with tabs, columns and sections.

Blueprint types

The Panel layouts for site, pages, files and users all get their own blueprints. The blueprint folder is structured accordingly:

  • /site/blueprints/site.yml
  • /site/blueprints/files
  • /site/blueprints/pages
  • /site/blueprints/users


We added three useful presets (page, pages and files) to our blueprints that you can use to create single pages, blogs, galleries and more with almost zero configuration.

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When presets are not enough, you can be the interface designer. You decide which features are needed for each type of page, file or user and how to arrange them in tabs, columns and sections.

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