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Debug mode

Kirby honours your PHP error logging settings by default. If you've switched off error logging, you won't get any errors and might end up with a white screen.

Especially on your local machine, we recommend to switch on error logging in your php.ini. Kirby also has a built-in option which tries to enforce this:

return [
    'debug' => true

Add this to /site/config/config.php in order to show errors immediately.


If you need to inspect one of Kirby's objects, such as $site, $page or any $file, we recommend to use var_dump:


It's a bit like PHP's equivalent of console.log() in JavaScript.

The output of var_dump() will be massively improved if you have Xdebug installed on your machine. Xdebug is most likely pre-installed if you use MAMP.


If you run into an issue that you can't fix yourself and which seems like a Kirby bug, please post it on the forum in the issues category. We will take it from there and either try to help you out or move it to our official issue tracker on GitHub if it really turns out to be a bug.