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Kirby 4.2.0


Increment a given field value

$page->increment(string $field, int $by = 1, ?int $max = null): Kirby\Cms\Page


Name Type Default
$field * string
$by int 1
$max int|null null

Return type


This method does not modify the existing $page object but returns a new object with the changes applied. Learn more →

Parent class

Kirby\Cms\Page inherited from Kirby\Cms\ModelWithContent


Kirby's objects are immutable. That means, when you modify an object like $page, $file etc. using a method like update(), changeTitle() and so on, a new object is returned. Therefore, you have to store the returned object in a new variable to be able to further work with it.

<?php $page->increment('likes') ?>


The increment method will only work reliably with field values that PHP can parse into a valid integer. Otherwise the field value will be evaluated as zero and incremented to 1 or whatever $by value you pass.