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Kirby 4.2.0


Creates and stores a new page

Page::create(array $props): Kirby\Cms\Page


Name Type Default
$props * array

Return type


Parent class



$page = Page::create([
  'slug'     => 'a-new-article',
  'template' => 'article',
  'content' => [
    'title'  => 'A new article',
    'author' => 'Homer Simpson'

$props array

Prop Value Description
content array Array of content fields
draft bool Default true, set to false to create an unlisted page
num int Sort number for listed pages
parent Kirby\Cms\Page/ Kirby\Cms\Site The parent page or site
slug string Page slug
template string Template to use for the page
translations array The translations for multi-language sites

To create a listed page, set draft to true and then set the num property:

$page = Page::create([
    'parent'   => page('notes'),
    'slug'     => 'a-new-note',
    'draft'    => true,
    'num'      => 0,
    'template' => 'note',
    'content'  => [
        'title'  => 'A new note',
        'author' => 'Homer Simpson'