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Kirby 4.3.0


Enables/disables PHP errors

A quick way to turn on/off PHP errors.

return [
    'debug'  => true

Make sure to disable debug mode in production! Displaying PHP errors on a public server can be a serious security risk:

  • Error messages are displayed with detailed information about the code structure (e.g. file path, class, method)
  • With Whoops enabled, there will be even more detailed information about the code structure

In a production environment, always log errors to your PHP error logs.


Debug mode

Kirby's debug mode is super helpful for finding mistakes in your templates, snippets or other parts of your project.

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To avoid accidentally enabling debugging in production, but to still be able to use it in certain situations, you have different options:

  • Disable debug in config.php and only enable it in in the config for your local/staging setup, see Multiple config files

  • Use conditions for the debug option in config.php, e.g. based on server name or logged in users

    'debug' => str_ends_with($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?? '', '.test') || @$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] === 'localhost', // enable debug for domains that end on ".test"
    'ready' => function ($kirby) {
          return [
              'debug' => kirby()->user() && kirby()->user()->role()->isAdmin()

See also: Debugging basics