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Kirby 3.9.1


Add pagination and return a sliced set of data.

$pages->paginate(mixed $arguments = null): Kirby\Cms\Collection


Name Type Default
$arguments mixed null

Return type


Parent class

Kirby\Cms\Pages inherited from Kirby\Cms\Collection


$arguments is an option array

$articles = $page->children()->paginate([
  'page'     => 1,
  'limit'    => 10,
  'total'    => 120,
  'method'   => 'query',
  'variable' => 'p'

First argument is the limit

Show 10 items per page:

$articles = $page->children()->paginate(10);

First is the limit, second is the page

Show items 11-20:

$articles = $page->children()->paginate(10, 2);

First is the limit, second are options

$articles = $page->children()->paginate(10, […]);

Check out the docs for the $pagination object