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Presets help you to set up typical interface layouts in seconds. Single pages, blogs, galleries and more are just a few keystrokes away.

Available Presets

Kirby ships with the following presets that you can use to get started. For fully customized layouts check out our layout guide.


For a typical single page setup (articles, projects, text pages, etc.), you can use the page preset.

title: Simple Page
preset: page
        label: Headline
        type: text
        label: Text
        type: textarea

This preset will automatically set up the form fields and a sidebar with subpages and files.

Besides defining form fields, you can also control the files and pages settings with this preset. Learn more…


A collection of pages, such as a blog, projects or a shop, often don't really need form fields or files, but more features to manage subpages. The pages preset is perfect for such page types.

title: Blog
preset: pages

You have a lot of additional options to configure the way subpages are displayed and which templates are allowed. Learn more…


Some page types, such as photo albums, should focus entirely on the file management. That's what the files preset is made for.

title: Gallery
preset: files

The files preset can do a lot more to set up the ratio, size, image cropping and info of each card. Learn more…

Preset Docs

For more docs on available preset options, check out our Reference: