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Kirby 4.0.1


Parses yaml in the field content and returns an array

$field->yaml(): array

Return type



You can store structured data in fields with YAML. YAML is a simple structuring syntax.

For this example we are going to store multiple addresses in a single field:

Title: Addresses

  Street: Rue de WTF 17
  ZIP:    1112
  City:   Monaco
  Phone:  555-1234
  Email:  [email protected]
  Street: 1212 Broadway
  ZIP:    4321
  City:   New York
  Phone:  666-4321
  Email:  [email protected]
  Street: At the beach
  ZIP:    9999
  City:   The capitol of the Bahamas
  Phone:  777-9999
  Email:  [email protected]

These addresses can be fetched and parsed in your templates with the yaml() method.

<?php foreach ($page->addresses()->yaml() as $address): ?>
  <div class="address">
    <?= $address['street'] ?><br />
    <?= $address['zip'] ?> <?= $address['city'] ?>
  <div class="contact">
    <?= $address['phone'] ?><br />
    <?= $address['email'] ?>
<?php endforeach ?>