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Kirby 3.9.1


Converts the field value to a timestamp or a formatted date

$field->toDate(string|\IntlDateFormatter|null $format = null, string $fallback = null): string|int


Name Type Default Description
$format string|IntlDateFormatter|null null PHP date formatting string
$fallback string null Fallback string for strtotime (since 3.2)

Return type



To a Unix timestamp

<?= $page->createdAt()->toDate() ?>

To a formatted date string

<?= $page->createdAt()->toDate('d.m.Y') ?>

With fallback parameter

<?= $page->createdAt()->toDate('d.m.Y', 'now') ?>

Check out PHP's date function docs for all available formatting options:

If you use the strftime date handler, the format syntax is different: