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Bug fixes

  • Removed flickering from k-pagination when navigating
  • Fixed name of default blueprints to pages/default and files/default
  • Blocks: batch selection allows deselecting blocks
  • Blocks: batch selection gets deselected on Escape key
  • Fixed i18n translate issues, e.g. for the user blueprint title #4869
  • Writer field: Email mark toolbar button title is properly translated now
  • Empty required Writer field now shows proper invalid styling in Panel
  • UUIDs are less often generated when not needed to be generated
  • Kirby queries now differentiate between integers and floats as arguments
  • Kirby no longer hides errors in the response class when the response is converted to a string: #5027
  • Files field upload: use upload.parent for mime check #5245
  • $field->toUrl() will return null on empty fields #5259
  • Users field does not anymore use a default if none set