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  • Cleaned up¬†k-toolbar¬†component

  • Drawer Component Structure

    <k-overlay type="drawer">
      <form class="k-drawer" method="dialog">
          <k-drawer-notification />
          <k-drawer-header />
              <k-drawer-fields />
  • Portals: Dialogs, Drawers and other Overlays are now seperated into different portals. This is done by setting the overlay type:

    • <k-overlay type="dialog">
    • <k-overlay type="drawer">
    • <k-overlay>
      An overlay without a type will use the default overlay portal. Separating them into different portals gives us more control over z-index and layering of elements.
  • Removed¬†v-model¬†from¬†k-form¬†and¬†k-fieldset

  • Removed $listeners usage from k-draggable, k-button¬†and subcomponents, k-link, k-headline, k-form, k-block, k-block-title, k-box, k-image, k-content-item

  • Made k-bubble more flexible