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Perfect for content curation: Kirby makes you feel at home without endless workshops

For content creators

  • Custom-tailored interface
  • Flexible content types
  • Intuitive editing features
  • Built-in internationalization support
  • Secure collaboration

The Panel

A headquarter that adapts to your needs

No matter if you need to curate projects, products, retailers, team members, restaurant menus, customers, galleries, albums, documentation or articles, Kirby lets you create a home for yourself and your editors that reflects the unique structure of your content, use cases and users – not the other way around.

Next level editing

Write with style, stay in style

Structure your content like never before.

A screenshot of our blocks field
  • Writing →

    You will love the flexibility and intuitive features of our blocks field. Write without distraction and add formatting you can trust. The result will be clean, accessible and polished for any medium.

  • Auto-saving

    Don’t worry about unsaved changes. The Panel stores them for you automatically – even when you go offline – and you can save them later.

  • Extensible →

    Add new block types: You need a call-to-action button, product previews or a table block? No problem! Let your content shine with powerful custom block plugins.

  • Full control

    While you are focusing on content editing, designers and developers can take over from there and fully control the markup and design for each block type. Nothing happens by accident and all content stays structured.

Been using Kirby for my site for many years but now using v3 for a site for a friend and oh my. It’s quite brilliant. The new Layout and Blocks feature is so good. Wonderful.


Controllable complexity

Microsites, complex product features, rich articles – our layout field is here to help you tame even the most extensive layouts with controllable content modules.

A screenshot of our layouts field
  • All your blocks

    Layouts and blocks go hand in hand. Use your favorite blocks and create your own blocks to create layouts without limits.

  • Custom layouts

    Combine custom layouts in a truly modular way. Sorting layouts and rearranging blocks via drag & drop is a dream.

  • Layout settings

    With custom layout settings you can assign styles, backgrounds, custom classes or whatever you need in your project.

Asset management

Images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, etc.

Add galleries, covers, hero images, PDF downloads and more right on your page with files sections.

A screenshot of an image gallery in the Panel
  • Drag’n’drop uploads

    Upload multiple files at once with the intuitive drag & drop uploader. Powerful upload validators guarantee that users only upload files with the right dimensions, sizes and file types.

  • Metadata

    Different files types and use cases need different metadata. You decide what you need: captions, alt text, photographer, license, internal notes for your team…

  • Image processing

    Kirby optimizes, crops and resizes images for you on the fly. Whatever you throw at it, your visitors will always get perfect results.

Just in case anyone was on the lookout for a nice, lightweight CMS made by nice people, I highly recommend Kirby ❤️

Go global

Built-in internationalization

Kirby has multi-language support built right in. Get started with a single language and add additional translations later. Work together in a team to get your content out to an international audience around the world.

A screenshot of the translation switcher
A screenshot of the language manager
  • Language management

    Create new content languages right in the Panel and start translating your pages immediately. Start with a single language and move to multiple languages later, or go global immediately – it’s up to your project.

  • Create & translate

    Internationalization is built into the core of Kirby. Switch intuitively between different language versions and translate your content together with your team or on your own.

  • Translatable URLs →

    You can customize the main URL for each language, including subdomains. Combine this with translatable paths for pages to make your visitors feel at home.

  • Integrations →

    Are you using a translation service like Memsource? Use the amazing Memsource plugin to import and export translations for your translators right from the Panel.

What are you waiting for?