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Staying out of your way: Kirby provides timeless simplicity in design and code

For designers

  • Design without compromises
  • Clear separation between design and content
  • A fully customizable admin interface
  • White-labeled from the start
  • A fantastic prototyping companion

Your vision, your workflow

No compromises

Kirby is a system that gets out of your way. There are no excuses why a design direction should not be executable with Kirby.

  • Idea
  • Concept
  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Development
  • Shipping
  • Your tools of choice

    Kirby embraces your tools of choice and your workflow. No matter if you work in Figma, design your sites in Webflow or create prototypes in the browser – bring the final result into Kirby and connect it with your content.

  • No CMS smell

    Kirby makes no assumptions about the way you design your site, nor does it impose anything on you. No frameworks, no widgets… Each Kirby site is 100% yours.

  • A philosophy of minimalism

    Our philosophy at Kirby is to start as lean as possible and to create a powerful set of building blocks for you. With Kirby you add the things you need in a project instead of having to remove tons of unwanted features and plugins to get started.

  • An interface without branding

    The Panel, Kirby's admin backend, comes with a very timeless design without Kirby branding – at no extra cost. And your site frontend is fully yours as well, so you get a white-label solution without having to modify the sources.

I've been kicking the tires on Kirby as I revamp my site and it's been... outstanding✨ Feels and acts like a lightweight CMS, relatively easy to customize, and (so far) pretty adaptable for the modifications I've thrown at it.

Be the interface designer

Modern publishing possibilities at your fingertips

You can customize our admin panel to the very last bit, and put as much care into the editing experience as you put into the design of the frontend. Combine interface elements and features in a way that reflects your design intentions and content requirements in the best possible way.

A screenshot of the users and tags fields
A screenshot with a list of pages
A screenshot of our layout field
A screenshot of our structure field to edit tabular data
A screenshot of an gallery section in the Panel.
  • Easy custom fields

    Structured data is the key to successful interface design. With Kirby, custom fields are extremely easy to implement. Break down content into atoms and integrate them into your design.

  • Content control

    Build healthy content constraints into the interface. Required fields and extensive input validation features make sure that your content will never break your layouts.

  • Perfect previews

    The age of boring tables is long gone. Let your content shine in the admin interface. Use rich image previews and icons for various content types and make your editors feel at home.

  • Reliable assets

    Galleries, covers, embedded videos, download lists – avoid unwanted surprises for such features and fine-tune upload restrictions. Optimize final image sizes with our built-in image processing API.

Fast. Well documented. Best support. With Kirby a basic site setup is done within 5 minutes. Brilliant.

A new way of prototyping

Files & folders

Kirby’s file-based system is the perfect prototyping tool. Take your Finder or Windows Explorer and get going.

A screenshot of the file system with folders, text files and images in Kirby’s content folder
  • Content architecture at light-speed

    Create entire page hierarchies in a matter of minutes. Add folders and subfolders, toss in images, videos and documents and start exploring ideas together with your clients.

  • A text editor is all you need

    Kirby stores your content in super simple text files. Open them in any text editor. Add new fields, change content and dive deep into your projects without a complicated setup process.

My whole site is on Kirby except for my store—highly recommend! So great for organizing projects because it’s all just folders of images and text docs.

And so much more

Kirby is packed with features that empower you to build amazing sites.

What are you waiting for?