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Why Kirby?

People from different professions told us why their projects were made with Kirby.

Made for clients & agencies

  • Keep your costs at a minimum

    Kirby's requirements are very low. Your clients can either keep their cheap hosting or you can get started with low hosting costs for them and scale up if required. Don't waste money on complex setups and system administration. You can update Kirby within minutes. With our regular bi-monthly release cycle, we save your team from update stress. This keeps maintenance costs low.

  • Real-world features

    We all come from a client project background building websites as freelancers or in agencies for many years, and we know exactly what clients need. With Kirby, we focus on the features that move you and your clients forward. We strive for designs that are tailored to your needs: precise, efficient and powerful. Kirby is meant to power high-quality websites, built by professionals.

  • Happy team, happy clients: better results

    Developers, designers and content editors feel very positive about their experience with Kirby. This means that your projects get done faster, with a more motivated team and happier clients.

  • Future-proof

    Typical client projects don't finish after launch. Kirby helps you grow and extend projects. Your developers can create new page types, templates, landing pages and custom features anytime. It's important to know for you and your clients that there will be no unexpected road-blocks in the future.

  • A healthy roadmap

    Kirby has been around for seven years. We released 3 major versions during that time. We know how important it is that you can trust your content management system not to vanish the next day. That's why we have built our business on a sustainable model with a reliable roadmap. We have been profitable for years and we do everything to keep Kirby running and running and running for you.

  • Kirby scales

    From small sites to high-traffic platforms––Kirby comes with an incredible performance and can be scaled to match the popularity of any project.

  • Great support & a fantastic community

    In our team, everyone is involved with support. We believe in long-term personal connections with our customers. Our forum is well-known for the friendly and helpful environment. Combined with a wonderful community of professionals, we are always there for you.

  • No lock-in

    We want to keep you as customers for as long as possible. But we don't want to lock you in. Kirby's content structure is open and easy to migrate to any other system. This is all about giving you confidence in our system.

Made for content creators

  • The perfect content curation environment

    We built our panel to fit any content in the best possible way. No matter if you need to curate projects, products, retailers, team members, restaurant menus, customers, galleries, albums, documentation or articles, the Kirby Panel will always feel at home.

  • Feel at home—without endless workshops

    You care all about your content and the clean, clutter-free interface of the Panel will reflect that. With Kirby you get started right away without days of training or endless boring workshops.

  • Kirby helps you focus

    We optimized Kirby's interface to help you finish your work fast and efficient. We want you to have confidence in your content management system and enjoy the process of updating your website. Come back later without having to relearn everything.

  • Reliable

    Content in Kirby is fully version-controllable and easy to back up. This frees you and your team from annoying or costly editing issues.

  • International

    Kirby has multi-language support built right in. Get started with a single language and add additional translations later. Work together in a team to get your content out to an international audience around the world.

Made for developers

  • Keeping it simple

    Kirby's architecture is built with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Download it, put it in the web root of your server and go. With Kirby, you start to be efficient in minutes.

  • Flexible

    We love LEGO and Kirby is like digital LEGO. With our PHP API, you can fetch any type of content or file, filter, modify and combine data and create anything that your project requires. If you can dream it, you can probably build it with Kirby. Whenever you hit a road-block, you can be pretty sure that there's a way to extend the system with a plugin and the forum will always be there for you to help you with new ideas.

  • Runs on almost anything

    Kirby is happy as long as there's a recent PHP version and a web server. You don't need tons of RAM, disk space, lots of PHP extensions or a database server. Pretty much any cheap shared hosting will do. This is great to experiment in a low-cost environment, but it's also liberating in client projects when your clients already have some unpleasant hosting plan lying around.

  • It's fast

    Kirby is fast by default. Our Starterkit pages render in between 30ms - 70ms (running on Valet+ on macOS) without caching enabled. With SSD hosting becoming an industry standard, Kirby installations often have a huge performance benefit compared to other database-driven systems or even our file-based competitors. If this is not enough, we have a powerful caching engine that can be switched from files to APCu, memcached or your own favorite cache engine.

  • Fewer dependencies = less trouble

    We love to keep things simple. That’s why we built Kirby on top of our own micro framework that focuses on providing what we need for Kirby. With this setup, we can bring you all those amazing features at a bundle size of just ~3MB, including the Panel. This ensures better performance and less bloat. You can keep it vanilla or bring your own framework or PHP libraries of choice without feeling bad about it.

  • Your templates

    Kirby's default template engine is built around PHP and HTML. It's extremely fast and with our object-oriented, chainable PHP API, it's also very powerful. But Kirby 3 is in fact template engine agnostic. If you prefer Twig, Blade or any other engine, you can replace ours. There are plugins for Twig and Blade and it's possible to build your own.

  • Headless option

    Bring your own frontend, SPA or mobile application in combination with our headless API. Use the full power of our Panel and publish projects to any imaginable destination.

  • Secure

    Kirby 3 is built on a modern, secure stack with PHP and Vue.js at its core. Our file-based architecture solves a lot of the typical security issues of modern CMS systems by eliminating the database and all connected SQL injections. We follow OWASP standards closely and only had a handful vulnerability reports in the last 7 years. We provide security patches within a day in such cases.

  • Extensive documentation

    We spend a lot of time writing documentation for every aspect of Kirby. Get started with our guide, take a deep dive into every tiny detail with our reference or learn about all kinds of solutions in our cookbook.

  • A wonderful community

    You are never alone with your problems. Our friendly community has evolved into a great family of professional designers and developers over the years and we are always here to help you out.

Made for designers

  • Built for your content

    Kirby's admin interface is the perfect platform for your content. With a design as reduced as possible, Kirby puts the focus on your images, your videos, your articles, etc., providing timeless simplicity–not brutal branding.

  • A philosophy of minimalism

    Our philosophy at Kirby is to start as lean as possible and to create a powerful set of LEGO bricks for you. With Kirby you add the things you need in a project instead of having to remove tons of unwanted features and plugins to get started.

  • Your design, your markup

    Kirby makes no assumptions about the way you design your site, nor does it impose anything on you, no frameworks, no widgets… Each Kirby site is 100% yours. With our incredibly flexible template system you start with a minimal layout and get very detailed with the individual design for any type of page.

  • Be the admin interface designer

    You can customize our admin panel to the very last bit, and put as much care into the editing experience as you put into the design of the frontend. Combine interface elements and features in a way that reflects your design intentions and content requirements in the best possible way.

  • Be part of the development process

    Design and code go closely together in digital projects. It's great to see the boundaries between designers and developers vanish and Kirby tries to help with that. We want you to feel comfortable with the development process as a designer. Our template engine is so straightforward that many designers without coding knowledge use Kirby to get started.