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Episode 33

05 Apr 2019

The last few weeks have been filled with updates to Kirby 3: the first feature release, version 3.1 Chamaeleo, followed by patch releases 3.1.1 & 3.1.2-rc1. Kirby 3.1 comes with conditional fields, a feature many of you have been waiting for. We also added file uploads and file selection to the textarea field, and many other enhancements. Check them out in our changelog.

We also have a few new Cookbook recipes for you:

With our new Why Kirby? page, we are responding to your frequently expressed wishes of having a catalog of the many strengths of Kirby which aims to help you when presenting Kirby to your clients.

Kirby in the Wild


European Youth Card Association

Kirby Plugins

Kirby 3 plugins have finally found a beautiful new home on our website. We separated Kirby 3 plugins from those for Kirby 2, which have also moved and now live in the getkirby-v2 organization. And there are, of course, some new plugins:

If you want to integrate podcasts on your website, give the Kirby Podcaster plugin a try.

Retour for Kirby is a plugin that takes care of discovering 404s and rerouting your pages.

Always test third-party plugins thoroughly before using them in production.


The An Event Apart website hosts loads of interesting videos from these events. The latest addition is a talk by Jen Simmons about "intrinsic" web design and how changes in CSS, in browsers themselves etc. all sum up to enable us to actually design in the browser.


Librefox is Firefox "on privacy steroids". The project's aim is to enforce privacy and security in Firefox by adding hundreds of security and privacy settings while removing add-ons that do not respect privacy.


No matter if we are building websites or web apps, the devices and network that deliver the result are always the same. In the first part of his article, Jeremy Wagner therefore argues why we should use JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks responsibly.

In the same line of thought is an article by Bridget Stuart, entitled "Stuffing the frontend", in which she appeals we "need to get better at applying critical thinking and thoughtful analysis before we start writing code".


Chris Coyier wrote an article about all the things to keep in mind when using mailto links.

Ken Bellows pleads to stop using so many divs and use semantic HTML instead.


Adam Silver explains why hiding stuff in user interfaces–menus, carousels, tool tips, accordions–is often not a good idea and should only happen when it helps the user, not when it only serves to clean up an otherwise cluttered interface.

Representing many other articles that cover the subject, Eric Bailey sums up the depressive findings of WebAIM’s accessibility analysis in "Fighting Uphill".


Using Git History you can quickly browse the history of any file in any git repo.

This & That

Quickly embed comments into your Kirby website with Commento. The tool looks nice and focuses on privacy, so might be worth a try.

Chris Coyer on means that make it hard to screw up your code.

CSSBattle is a CSS battling game challenging you to solve tasks with the smallest possible code. Have fun!

Last Minute

Privacy UX: Common Concerns And Privacy In Web Forms