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Episode 32

01 Mar 2019

Originally published via email on March 1, 2019.

How time flies. Four years ago to the day–on March 1, 2015–we started our Discourse-based Kirby forum that replaced the earlier Kirby-based forum. It has grown ever since to become the friendly and lively Kirby community so many of you appreciate and love to come to 🍰.

At the beginning of last week, we published Kirby 3.0.2 with lots of fixes. This week, we have published the RC for the upcoming 3.0.3 release and we'd love you to test this pre-release locally in your projects if you can. The final 3.0.3 release is scheduled for Tuesday. The next feature release 3.1 is planned for March, 19th and will have some nice surprises.

The German PC Magazin's issue 4/2019, which is published today, has an extensive introductory article about Kirby 3 and also features some popular plugins. They even plan to publish a follow-up article in an upcoming issue.

Georg Obermayr, a self-declared Kirby enthusiast, has written a great article about cloud publishing that brings together all the loose ends and goes into great detail what a modern publishing workflow could be like, using the "best in class" tools. If you don’t speak German, throw it onto deepl.com or your translation tool of choice, the article is well worth a read.

Kirby in the Wild


Fair Climate Fund

Kirby Plugins

The Kirby XSLT plugin brings XSLT templating to your Kirby installation. It generates XML for all front-end pages, allowing you to transform these XML nodes to any other structure.

Managing translations becomes a breeze with the Kirby 3 Translations​ plugin. The plugin is currently still in development, but your feedback is highly appreciated.

The Kirby 3 Instagram plugin allows you to call Instagram API endpoints.

Find related pages or files based on field content with the Kirby 3 Related plugin.

Find all plugins in the Kirby plugins repo. As a plugin dev, don't forget to add your plugin to the list.

Always test third-party plugins thoroughly before using them in production.

More Kirby

Tom Arnold explains how he syndicates blog posts from WordPress to his Kirby website.


Weston Thayer wrote an interesting article about the information in font files, explaining what font metrics are and how we can leverage this information in our designs.

Web Typography News is a new monthly newsletter for web typography enthusiasts. Each issue has tips, news, resources and events. Worth checking out.

Looks like this is the week of typography. CSS-Tricks has even two articles on this topic: Typography for Designers and Six tips for better web typography.


Times Open have published a short introductory article about CSS Grid for Designers.


The First Aid Kit is a series of videos and a cheat sheet that teach you how to recover from mistakes in Git made by the people behind Tower, the Git client for Mac and Windows.


Polyfill.io is an open-source web service provided by the Financial Times you can query for browser features and that then returns only the polyfills needed for the requesting browser. The service can also be self-hosted.


Melanie Richards takes a deep dive into how to leverage accessibility APIs to bring semantics to screen readers.

Scott O'Hara wraps up what to keep in mind accessibility-wise when using the required attribute in forms.

The New York Times about galleries being sued in the US for being inaccessible to blind users​.

This & That

Third Party Web documents the impact of third-party scripts on the web and provides information for developers encouraging them to use such scripts responsibly.

Jeremy Wagner pleads to make the web boring.

Last Minute

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