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Episode 17

03 Nov 2017

Save the date! For all of you who couldn't get a place on the first Kirby Workshop in Berlin: The next one is scheduled for January 15, 2018 in Munich. So be fast.

Supporters can now play with the very first Alphas of Kirby Next, share their impressions, ideas and feature requests. Exciting times.

Kirby in the Wild

Mirror Mirror
Branding and Visual Communication

Soundtrack Business
Music Services for Businesses

Antwerp Art
Non-profit organization/art scene

Kirby Enhanced

  • If you want to start using Gulp but don't know where to begin, then Martin Folker's Gulp-Kirby-Starterkit might be just the right starting point for your next Kirby project (free).

  • Rokka is an online service for storing and delivering images for the web. Their Rokka Kirby plugin makes it easy to leverage this service in a Kirby website (free, alpha, paid account required).

  • Martin Folkers also added Kirby SRI to our growing list of Kirby plugins. It generates SRI hashes for safer usage of stylesheets and scripts with CDNs (free).

  • Tired of having to log into the Panel all the time during development? It's time for Kirby Autologin to the rescue (free).

  • Kirby Stompt is a plugin for use with the Stompt service. It allows you to collect feedback from your website (plugin free, service requires account, free plan available).

Always test third party plugins thoroughly before using them in production!

Kirby in Style: Themes

The collection of available themes on(http://getkirby-themes.com) is steadily growing, here is more proof:

Blog theme with modular site layout created by Florian Kueker.

Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme made by 11bits.

Kirby Tutorials


  • Every now and then, we have discussions about performance on the Kirby forum. Therefore I'd like to share this video with you, although it is already a couple of months old. "Code that don't exist is infinitely performant and extremely easy to maintain and document", says Heydon Pickering. I love it how Heydon is really passionate about his case, so if you love swear words a lot, check it out :)



To style or not to style, that is the question.

  • Greg Kogan underpins his claims not to style emails in this article with numbers from his A/B testing experiments.

  • If you come to the conclusion you'd rather style your emails anyway or your client insists on it no matter what, the open source HEML markup language might alleviate the task.

This and That