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Episode 16

06 Oct 2017

Bastian's Kirby Workshop on November 6, 2017 in Berlin is already sold out. If you missed your chance to get a ticket, you can put yourself on the waiting list. But I'm pretty sure we will see more Kirby workshops in the future…

The Kirby Team is working hard on Kirby Next and the documentation. Supporters will soon get a chance to play around with a very, very first Test-Starterkit.

In the meantime, we are continuing to improve Kirby 2 and just published Kirby 2.5.6 RC-1 with important bug fixes and small enhancements. It would be great if you could help us test it, and report any bugs you may find. The public release is planned for week 41.

Kirby in the Wild

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996)

Integrated 2017

K√ľste gegen Plastik
Nonprofit organization fighting the toxic impact of plastic on oceans

Kirby Enhanced

  • Simon Barrett created Mailtrap, a Kirby plugin that adds a driver for the Mailtrap email service platform (plugin free, Mailtrap requires account, free plan available).

  • Find missing title tags and meta descriptions with Jens T√∂rnell's Kirby SERP plugin (commercial).

  • As its name suggests, Kirby Membership integrates a user registration area with password reset and other features into your website. By Christopher Boutill√© (free).

  • You probably already know the Kirby Comments plugin by Florian Pircher. A new demo site illustrates some of the plugin's features.

  • Jens T√∂rnell's Superthumbs plugin extends Kirby's thumb component and adds the ability to convert images from .png to .jpg format (free).

  • If you want to export Wordpress posts to Kirby, you may find the WPXML-to-Kirby plugin worth a try (free).

  • Kirby Webpack is a Kirby Starterkit with modern frontend tools including Webpack, Browsersync, CSS Preprocessors, or linters (free).

  • Kirby sync is plugin by Jens T√∂rnell that lets you copy pages from a central content hub to node installations on save (commercial).

Always test third party plugins thoroughly before using them in production!

Kirby in Style: Themes

The collection of available themes on (http://getkirby-themes.com) has grown again, here are the latest arrivals:

Symmetric is a nice multi-purpose theme by Constantin Holy.

Alpha is a minimalistic blog theme created by Christopher Boutillé.

UI-ME is a customizable multi-purpose theme created by Constantin Joly.

Kollide is a very feature-rich Portfolio Theme created by Joro Yordanov.

Kirby Tutorials

Julian Oster shares his new workflow with Kirby and Git with us.


Draggable is a lightweight, open source JavaScript drag & drop library. The website itself is an beautiful, playful demo of its capabilities.

Performance I

Essential Image Optimization is an in-depth resource by Addy Osmany that reminds us that in 2017, image optimization should be automated.

Performance II

  • Using custom web fonts usually comes at a price regarding website performance. Ebay shares how they address this issue on their website using different font loading technologies.

Apache Configuration

This and That

  • Playground is a new introduction to CSS grid layout by Mozilla.

  • Ren Aysha's codepen demo shows how to achieve a comic style book layout with CSS grid.

  • Create a keyboard accessible drag & drop reorderable list with Dragon drop.

  • The A11y Dialog JavaScript lets you create accessible dialog windows.