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Episode 18

01 Dec 2017

Originally published via email on December 1st, 2017.

This is our last Kirby Kosmos edition in 2017.

About 2 weeks ago, we published Kirby 2.5.7 with important security fixes. Security patches for 2.3.x and 2.4.x are also available if you can’t update to 2.5.7 yet. We highly recommend that you update your installations to apply these fixes.

The first Kirby Workshop in November in Düsseldorf was a huge success. 20 people learned a lot of tips and tricks for optimizing their Kirby websites. There are still a few seats left for Bastian's next workshop in January 2018 in Munich.

Kirby in the Wild

Buildski Brothers
Ski Manufacture

Inflight VR
Virtual Reality Solutions

Kirby Enhanced

Over the last month, Kirby plugin developers have been busy coming up with new ideas. Here are their results:

  • Enhance Kirby's native search capabilities with Pedro Borges' new Kirby Fuzzy Search plugin (beta, free).

  • Kirby SimpleMDE is a complete rewrite of the already great Enhanced Textarea field by Thomas Günther (free).

  • Julien Gargot's Taxonomies plugin aims to facilitate creating vocabularies and terms while trying to maintain relations between them if stuff is moved.

  • Dennis Kerzig is the author of the broken links finder Panel widget for Kirby (free).

  • Kirby Highlight incorporates a PHP port of the well-known highlight.js library to add code highlighting on the server side (free).

  • Kirby CommonMark is a custom Markdown parser component for Kirby with support for the complete CommonMark spec based on league/commonmark.

Always test third party plugins thoroughly before using them in production!

Kirby in Style: Themes

Another new theme has arrived on http://getkirby-themes.com: Masonry by Olivier Gassies.


  • Zingchart is a JavaScript charting library. They recently published a tutorial on how to make a chart using Ajax and Rest APIs, which I think is also useful for working with other charting libraries as well.

  • Luxon is a JavaScript library for working with dates and times. Its features include intervals/duration and native time zone/intl support. Read here why Luxon was created in the first place.




  • In his Inclusive Design Checklist Heydon Pickering is collecting resources that deal with inclusive design considerations including accessibility, performance, device support, interoperability, and language. If you want to contribute, your pull request is welcome.

  • Funkify is a plugin for Chrome "that helps you experience the web and interfaces through the eyes of extreme users with different abilities and disabilities".

This & That

  • If you'd like to automate and schedule commands in a linux environment with cron jobs but don't know where to start, check out this tutorial.

  • In her article The Art of Comments, Sarah Drasner writes about the why of commenting code and what differentiates a good comment from a bad one.

  • Stefan Baumgartner asks in The Best Request is No Request, Revisited, if the old rule of avoiding HTTP requests still holds true for HTTP/2.