Kirby Next

Kirby has been running successfully for more than five years and we managed to release two major versions with dozens of releases to thousands of users world-wide. Now it's time for the next step!

We need your support

We started working on Kirby 3 a few months ago and we already made great progress, but we need your help to reach our goal. Kirby has become a sustainable full-time job for Bastian, but there's still a very limited budget for the other team members. With your help, we can spend more time on Kirby together and release Kirby 3 faster.

Follow our journey

We want you to take part in our journey and show how this new version is built. We will offer detailed insights into our decision-making process, the new concepts and ideas and into the way we work.

What you'll get

You will get exclusive access to our process diary and wiki, as well as our code repositories. You will have a chance to play with the new UI Kit for Kirby's Panel first and you will be able to join our alpha and beta as the very first users. All supporters will also be invited to our private Slack channel and you'll receive weekly updates about our progress. In addition, Bastian is going to live-stream coding sessions on a regular basis, which you can join or rewatch later.

What about Kirby 2?

We just ramped up our release cycle for Kirby 2 and will keep on releasing Kirby 2 versions regularly until Kirby 3 is ready — which will still take a while. We will also do our best to keep the upgrade path to Kirby 3 as smooth as possible. Once Kirby 3 is ready, all Kirby 2 license holders will be able to purchase an upgrade for a fair price or stay with their old version if they like. If you are sure that you want to upgrade later, the Kirby 3 License Package is definitely the way to go.

Buy a support package

  • Kirby 3 Fellowship Package
    Follow the process behind Kirby 3 with all updates, coding sessions and more. This package does not include any Kirby 2 or 3 license.

    € 29 →

  • Kirby 3 Pro Upgrade + Fellowship Package
    Upgrade your existing Kirby 2 Pro license to a Kirby 3 Pro license before Kirby 3 even exists and follow us along the way.

    € 49 →

  • Kirby 3 Pro License + Fellowship Package
    Be among the first to buy a Kirby 3 Pro License and follow the process how we build it for you!

    You can use this license for a Kirby 2 Pro project in the meantime and we guarantee you a free upgrade to Kirby 3 Pro once it has been launched.

    Kirby 3 will be a paid upgrade for Kirby 2 license holders.

    € 99 →

The prices for our supporter packages don't include VAT. They are one-time purchases. No monthly fees or other hidden costs, no matter how long it takes us to finish the release.