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Episode 9

03 Mar 2017

I just counted 28 new plugins and extensions since our last Kosmos episode. Unbelievable! I can't possibly list them all here, but if you head over to Jens' and John's plugin repo, you can see for yourself. Also, we had well over 210k page views in the Forum last month and countless new websites powered by Kirby. What a community!

Powered by Kirby

Its always inspiring to see what others are creating with Kirby. This month’s picks are again very different and very unique:


Urban Development

Chris Cubellis

Product Designer

m&p GmbH

Public Relations

Kirby Plugins

Out of the many new plugin mentioned above, I have selected a few you might like:

  • Pedro Borges, creator of the popular AutoGit plugin, has come up with two new plugins. Create a Tachyons-styled, human readable XML sitemap for search engines with the XML sitemap plugin or use the Meta Tag plugin to create Open Graph and Twitter cards meta tags for your site in a simple way.

  • The ImageOptim API recently came out of beta, and now Bruno Meilick has created the Kirby Imageoptim plugin that leverages this API via a simple file method. He also just published a couple of other plugins, including a KirbyTag to generate various random values.

  • Compress Kirby's output with Jurriaan Topper's Kirby Compress plugin. It strips all whitespace between html tags but leaves the whitespace inside <style>,<script>, <pre> and <textarea> tags untouched.

  • Papeterie is a Kirby plugin by Louis Eveillard that lets you create and edit paper documents through Kirby.

  • Adding likes (and even dislikes) to a post or page becomes a breeze with Jens Törnell's latest creation, the Kirby Nja plugin.

Case Study 1

Fournova is the company behind the popular Git client Tower. In our latest blog post, Fournova CEO Tobias Günther explains why they trust Kirby to run their websites.

Case Study 2

Le Chasseur is a beautifully designed e-Commerce website built with Kirby. The shop element is built with Snipcart. Read their case study here.

Cookbook and Courses

Our new Cookbook recipe Handling images in Kirby covers everything from image settings in the Panel to accessing images and their meta data in your templates. Next up: Multi-language sites. Stay tuned.

Do you love watching videos over reading docs and want to learn about Kirby's structure field? Check out Thomas Günther's latest video in his Kirby Courses series on YouTube. Keep up the good work, Thomas!


  • Dimensions is a handy little browser extension for Chrome that lets you measure the distance between elements on a website.



If you are new to HTML or when in doubt how to use an HTML element, check out htmlreference.io. Marksheet.io is another useful resource that covers both HTML and CSS.


  • You have heard about Webpack but don't know how to use it? Then Joseph Zimmermann's in-depth tutorial about the JavaScript module bundler on Smashing Magazine might be for you.



Storytelling and Scrollytelling

  • Learn how to become a better storyteller from Oscar winning filmmakers. The Art of Storytelling is a new six-course program available through the Kahn Academy’s “Pixar in a Box” collaboration. The first lesson is already online, the rest will follow during the course of the year.
  • Scrollytelling is the art of telling a story as the browser reveals new content while you scroll. Check out this article about ways to implement scrollytelling in your website.


  • Type is a new quarterly magazine for "people curious about fonts".

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