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Episode 8

03 Feb 2017

Looks like you all made a joint effort to turn your New Year resolutions right into action with lots of new websites, plugins and other community projects. We are impressed!

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I always find it inspiring to see what others are creating with Kirby. Here are this month’s picks:


Font Foundry

Siroop Jobs

Online Marketplace

AvJ e.V

Online Catalog

Kirby Plugins

  • Florens Verschelde has released a first beta of his Kirby Twig plugin for all developers who prefer to use the Twig template language over PHP.

  • With two page lock plugins available for Kirby you now have the freedom of choice: Kirby Page Lock plugin by Taikonauten and Kirby Page Lock plugin by Pedro Borges.

  • Kirby Constructs is a new plugin by Lukas Angerer that lets you define constructs as a set of components that form a logical unit. A sample construct and a Starterkit are also available.

  • Embed tables from Excel or .csv files right into your text fields with the Kirby Spreadsheet kirbytag by Sonja Broda. The plugin can also be used to render tables from files in your templates.

  • Language selection and code highlighting are the key features of the Kirby Code Field by Taikonauten.

  • If you are looking for a newsletter solution, check out Red Chimp by Aris PapathĂ©odorou, a modular Kirby newsletter template that produces reponsive HTML emails.

  • As a Laravel Mix user, you will probably like the Laravel Mix Kirby plugin by Robert Cordes that helps to get the right path to your versioned CSS and JS files.

Community Projects

Thomas GĂĽnther has started Kirby Courses, a YouTube channel with Kirby video tutorials. Check out the Trello board to see what's up the pipeline or post your ideas.

Case Studies

  • The new Siroop website uses a mix of technologies with Kirby in the backend and is thus another great example how you can build complex websites with Kirby in the most flexible ways. Read about it here.


Amoshop is a new minimalist e–commerce Kirby theme developed by Aristotheme based on the popular Shopkit plugin by Sam Nabi.

Looking for other themes? Check them out at http://www.getkirby-themes.com, a community project maintained by Jonathan Baptistella & Mayke Freitas.




  • Heropatterns is a collection of repeatable SVG background patterns free to use under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


  • Find broken links on your website with the Broken Link Checker. The node.js based tool can be used on the command line or as a programmable API.