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Episode 81

26 Jun 2023

In our part of the world, summer has already started and everyone is preparing for their summer vacations. But we are still busy…

While we are working hard on the next big Kirby 4 release (Kirby 4 Alpha
was released 2 week ago), Kirby 3 is still under active development. Also two weeks ago we released Kirby 3.9.5 with many bug fixes and some improvements, and the next Kirby 3 version is already in the works.

Summer Sale: Save 20% on all licenses

Summer is here and so is our sale. From today until July 9th, 2023, you get a 20% discount on all our Kirby licenses, including volume packages. All licenses you buy now are valid for Kirby 4, planned to be released in late summer.

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Partner network

With almost 30 partners to date, our Kirby partner network is a great success. It's the place where clients head to find the perfect partner for their next Kirby project. It's the perfect place for you if you are a freelance developer or agency seeking to increase your exposure to a growing audience of Kirby clients.

Find the right program and join now!

Kirby in the wild

Tini Malitius

Kirby plugins

The Icon Field lets you select custom icons from a folder: add the field to your blueprints, and you're good to go.

For Tailwind users: Merge Tailwind classes without style conflicts in your Kirby templates with Tailwind Merge.

As the name promises, the script perch-blog-posts-to-kirby converts Perch CMS blog posts into Kirby text files.

From the Kirbyverse

"So yes, as you might have noticed by now, I am a big fan of Kirby, especially because it allows you to solve common problems in a straightforward way, making my life as a designer and developer so much easier, but also because my clients have always been very happy with the content editing experience in the backend – without exception. Kirby enables successful projects." (from Starting A New Kirby Project)


Calendars are not only about layout, but also about accessibility and getting internationalized dates and timezones right, which can make things complicated.

CSS mix blend modes provide an easy, but powerful way to create visually interesting designs.

Using Stylelint plugins to help adopt and enforce defensive and logical CSS practices.

The "const" Deception: Exploring the difference between assignment and mutation in JavaScript.

Fallback font generator: Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift CLS by adjusting web fonts and system font fallbacks using special @font-face descriptors.

Adam Silver discusses why disabled form buttons might not be such a good idea.

Chris Heilmann introduces us to new array methods in JavaScript that allow changing arrays while preserving the original, thus making them immutable.

Adrian Roselli on using aria attributes to display form field errors to screen readers.


If you are new to PHP, knowing the basic data types will help you get a better understanding of how things work.

This & that

Examples of speeding up GitHub actions by leveraging caching, to prevent having to update to a paid plan.

Nyxt is an open-source browser with deeply integrated AI and semantic document tools designed to extract knowledge and solutions from the internet.

Austin Gil writes about implementing several of the OWASP recommendations for file upload security and malware scanning solutions.

Legitify: Detect and remediate misconfigurations and security risks across all your GitHub and GitLab assets.

Saying good-by to nested tables in HTML email, what can modern HTML email be like?