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Episode 80

25 May 2023

With a handful of early adopters, we've been working behind the scenes to finally make something come true that had been planned for a long time: our Kirby Partner directory.

Today is also the day you've all been waiting for: Here comes the Kirby 4 Alpha pre-release. We are deliberately calling it an Alpha to emphasize that Kirby 4 is neither feature complete nor ready for production, and there will definitely still be many changes until the final release – and plenty of bugs. But we want to give you the chance to get your hands on the game early and are excited to hear your feedback.

But read on below:

Partner directory

Today marks the beginning of something great for developers, designers and their future clients: We are launching the Kirby Partner directory !

For you as developers/designers, this directory presents an opportunity to demonstrate your Kirby and web development expertise to a large, growing audience.

For clients all over the world, it is vital to have partners who know Kirby well, create great websites or apps, and provide high-quality services, in short, to be reassured there is always someone to trust with their Kirby project.

Become a partner

Kirby 4 Alpha pre-release

Kirby 4 is all about a new editing experience for users. With new field types and views, a way to move pages, customizable page create dialogs, query support for sections, options and enhancements for the textarea, writer, blocks and layouts fields, and cool image editing improvements, using the Panel is now more impressive than ever. Here are just a few of the highlights waiting for you(and we are not done yet, more is planned for the release in late summer).

Link to anything

Link to external websites, internal pages, files, email addresses and telephone numbers.

The new dialog is also available for the writer and textarea fields.

Page creation dialogs

Faster, better page creation

Customize the page creation dialog to your needs.

Give the title a fitting label, add new fields or disable redirecting to the new page. Did we mention you can also define the initial page status after creation now?

Moving pages

I like to move it, move it

Created a page in the wrong place, or made up your mind? Just move it to a new parent!

Section Filters

Filter pages and files with queries

Filter pages and files by any criteria: The pages and files sections now come with support for our powerful query string syntax.

Color field

Color me surprised

Color in all its facets: Multiple color notations, color picker, pre-defined colors, custom color names and transparency. You can't get more color than that.

Image Focus

Focus Pocus

Never cut off the most important part of your images again. Set a focus point and let your images shine in all their beauty.


Uploading files the smart way

Screenshot-123.jpg? With the preview and edit options in the new upload dialog, meaningless file names are now a thing of the past.

Use the new blueprint options to optimize uploads before they land on the server.

Blocks field improvements

Our best field is now 25% bester

The block type preview of type fields lets you edit(and display) your block fields right in place.

Other block field improvements include block splitting and merging, restricted heading levels, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Language editor

No longer lost in translation

Each language got its own view now. Easily configure your languages or edit language variables right from the Panel. Easy, right?

New search view

Deliver results

The larger your website, the more important becomes search. With Kirby's new search view, searching in the Panel has become a breeze.

There are so many new features, we cannot list them all here. For a full list of all new features and enhancement, visit our release page.

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