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Episode 82

01 Aug 2023

While the summer slump usually means that almost all publications are
full of nonsensical articles to fill the virtual void, we have some great
and important stuff for you.

So here's what's been happening in the Kirbyverse lately.... (in case you
missed it on our other channels).

Security releases

We received a number of security reports from three security researchers
in June and July. They required more work and backward fixes for older
versions of Kirby. If you are affected by any of these security issues,
we recommend that you update your Kirby installations:

You can find all about the issues in our 3.9.6 release notes, and yesterday we added another patch release that adds a
config option to set the Panel frame policy.

We also provide patch releases for 3.8, 3.7, 3.6 and 3.5:

Kirby 4 Alpha 5

With the fifth alpha of Kirby 4, we add the most substantial visual
changes to Kirby since version 3, with the new sidebar probably being the
most notable change, but check out all the features of the cool new
design yourself on our Kirby 4 release page.

Kirby in the wild

IFB International Freightbridge

Kirby plugins

The Kirby Usage Reference plugin provides an info section to display all references to a page or a file in a list.

Kirby Contentsync: Kirby 3 plugin to synchronize content from the server to your local development environment.

Kirby Cookieconsent implements the open source cookieconsent library.

Kirby articles

Although this article is already 2 years old, it's still valid and summarizes the different ways to implement logic in Kirby. Must-read for beginners;)

For those of you who want to deploy Kirby on Azure, this article explains how to do it and how to overcome the pitfalls (in German, but hey, we have translation tools).


Harry Roberts explains the usefulness of the DOMContentLoaded metric in the context of deferred JavaScript loading.

Large DOM sizes have more of an effect on interactivity than you might think. This guide explains why, and what you can do.

Labels (word, phrases that represent larger bits of information) add structure to your website and content. Good labelling, however, can be hard. In How to write good labels, Jorge Arango has some tips.

Neat CSS trick to quickly find all missing alt attributes of images in a web page, a common accessibility problem even in 2023.

HTML best practices for login & sign-up forms summarizes important HTML technologies to improve your form UX (not only for login forms).

Ahmad Shadeed introduces us to the new small, large, and dynamic viewport units.


NativePHP is a new framework for building rich, native desktop applications using PHP. Currently, an alpha release, and only supports a Laravel driver, but a project well worth watching.

This & that

Novel is a Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI-powered autocompletion.

DocuSeal allows to create, fill, and sign digital documents. An open-source, self-hosted alternative to DocuSign or PandaDoc.

Get an insight into the inner-workings of a given website: uncover potential attack vectors, analyze server architecture, view security configurations, and learn what technologies a site is using with WebCheck.