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Episode 7

06 Jan 2017

We hope you had a brilliant start into 2017! After a short holiday break, we are back with this new episode of Kirby Kosmos, and lots of fresh ideas for the new year.

Powered by Kirby

Every month, a lot of great Kirby-powered websites are published. As always, we have selected three, each of them very unique:

Radio Garden
Radio Stations


Lost Boy

Kirby Plugins

  • Martin Zurowietz has announced a complete overhaul of the popular Kirby Uniform plugin. You can already test version 3.0 beta. Please report any issues you might run into in the issues section of the repo on GitHub.

  • Andreas Lorer's Kirby Facebook Events plugin fetches events from your Facebook page and displays them on your site.

  • The Imageset plugin by Fabian Michael provides an easy to use API for generating responsive image sets, including features like lazy loading, fancy placeholders and more.

  • Never end up with huge images anymore.The Kirby image shrink plugin by Timo Schneider makes sure that images uploaded by Panel users are replaced with copies of a maximum dimension.

  • Another useful little helper by Jens Tornell: A field for the Panel that adds the ability to navigate between siblings.


  • Kobalt is a new Kirby theme for personal sites by Joro Yordanov.


20 Years of CSS

  • December 17, 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of CSS. This timeline does not only outline the history of CSS, but also provides some resources for further reading.

  • cssreference.io is a free visual guide to CSS with animated examples and illustrations for the most important properties.

  • There's also a new Chrome extensions called CSS Peeper that allows you to quickly examine website styles with a click on an element.

  • Last not least, Manuel Matuzovic reminds us not to forget print style sheets.




  • Conversational interfaces is an interesting open source framework that allows you to turn forms into interactive conversations.