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Episode 6

02 Dec 2016

This episode marks the 6-month anniversary of Kirby Kosmos and the last one for this year. A lot has happened around Kirby and its vibrant community over the last half a year: a big Kirby release, a brand new Starterkit, tons of Kirby plugins and countless new Kirby powered sites. We are really thrilled with what you are creating.

Powered by Kirby

Every month, a lot of great Kirby-powered websites are published. As always, we have selected three, each of them very unique:

Kirby Plugins

  • Micropub is an open API standard you can use to create posts on your own domain via a third party service. Sebastiaan Andeweg's Micropub plugin adds Micropub support to Kirby as an endpoint.

  • The Srcset tag helper by Azhar Chougle facilitates creating an image tag with srcset attribute by providing a helper function.

  • Roman Steiner's Controlled List plugin adds new radio, select and checkboxes fields whose options can be defined via a user defined callback function.

  • Keep track on what users changed in the Panel with the Kirby Logger plugin by Sonja Broda, which lists changes with timestamp, username, action and changed fields.

  • Protect pages and files from unauthorized access right from the Panel with the Kirby Firewall plugin by Daniel Weidner.

  • Quickselect by Thomas Günther extends the native Kirby Panel select field with placeholder and filter functions.

  • Phinx for Kirby by IV Interactive is a Kirby CMS wrapper for migration and seed paths to be used with Phinx, a command line tool for database migrations and seedings.


  • Browser support for grid is coming to more and more browsers, so if you want to spend a day getting to grips with these layout features, the CSS Grid, Flexbox and Box Alignment tutorial by Rachel Andrew might be a starting point.

Developer Tools

  • Firefox Nightly DevTools now ship with a network throttling tool, which let's you simulate slow connections to help you create websites that perform well across different devices and situations.

  • Interested to learn more about using Chrome Dev Tools? Watch the Debugging the Web video from the Chrome Dev Summit #16 with Paul Irish.



  • The Tower Git client - a visual user interface for using git - is now available for Windows. By the way: Did you know the Tower website runs on Kirby?

That's it for this month's episode of Kirby Kosmos. We hope you enjoyed it, and we'd absolutely love to have your feedback in the forum or on Twitter.

Sonja & Lukas from the Kirby team