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Episode 27

16 Oct 2018

Originally published via email on September 7, 2018.

If my link list gets longer and longer and the decisions what to put into a Kosmos episode harder and harder, it's a sure sign that summer is coming to an end. So we are back this month with a rather long list of interesting news, articles, tools and resources – and the first projects based on Kirby 3 beta out in the wild.

Together with Marc Thiele, organizer of the beyond tellerand conferences, Bastian will be at WWRuhr #39 in Essen on September 27, 2018, talking about what it feels like when your digital baby grows up.

Save the date: The next hands-on Kirby Workshop is scheduled for November 5, 2018 in Berlin during the beyond tellerand conference. It's your chance to get up to speed with all the cool new features and possibilities that Kirby 3 will bring, meet fellow Kirby devs and have a good time.

Kirby in the Wild

Good Guys Brew

Free SVG resources for your projects and at the same time a website made with Kirby.

The Whale, a new project by Gilles Vauvarin, not only brings you weekly news but is also one of the first few projects out in the wild built on Kirby 3 beta.

About Kirby


Sara Soueidan shares an article that sums up different ways to mark up accordions for typical use cases like a FAQ section.

  • Aaron Gustafson explores how to create conversational semantics that are not only useful for screen readers but as a means to make our content understandable and useful in "headless" environments, detached from the screen, be it chat bots, virtual assistants or any other form.


Tools & Resources I

With Picular you can search for color boards by typing in a search term.

Tools & Resources II

  • Coverr is like Unsplash but for video resources, which you can use on your websites for both private and commercial purposes.

  • The Odin Project offers self-paced free learning resources for people wishing to embark on a journey to learn web design basics from HTML to CSS, JavaScript and beyond.

  • From Data to Viz is a beautifully made website about data visualization. It provides decision trees to let you choose the right type of visualization for your data.

  • Progressive tooling provides an exhaustive list of tools for improving page performance.


  • Sara Soueidan recently asked on Twitter if there were any resources to automate transforming legacy jQuery code to vanilla JS. Resources mentioned included Lebab for modernising older JS code in general and Unjqueryfy for translating jQuery to vanilla. I don't know how useful these tools really are, but they might be worth a try.

  • With Splitting.js you split words, images, nodes and other elements and then animate them to create interesting effects.


Accessibility & Usability

Raluca Budiu explains the disadvantages of carousels on mobile and shares tips how to make them more discoverable and useful.

This & That

Last Minute