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Episode 26

03 Aug 2018

Originally published via email on August 3, 2018.

I was away on vacation in Italy for 10 days and tried to get away from MacBook & Co. as much as possible, only occasionally peeping in on what was happening back home. But hey, it’s unbelievable how much can happen in such a short time span.

New nightly builds of the Kirby 3 beta are currently published on a daily basis while the developer community is joining forces to discuss and develop plugins we all would love to see for Kirby 3.

But while all this is happening behind the scenes, Kirby 2 is running strong with new plugins, the recent security update release 2.5.12 and - of course - new projects out in the wild.

Kirby in the Wild

Augsburg Marketing
International Street Performer Festival

Kirby Enhanced

  • Kirby Slack is a new plugin that provides a convenient wrapper for the php-slack/slack library which let's you send notifications to Slack when something happens on your Kirby site (free).

  • Pedro Borges just released his new Kirby Authenticator plugin. It adds 2-step user authentication to Panel logins. Currently in beta, additional features on the roadmap (free).

Always test third party plugins thoroughly before using them in production!


  • Louis Hoebregts shows how to calculate consistent viewport heights on mobile devices with CSS variables and a little bit of JavaScript.

  • cssanimations.io is a free interactive tutorial for anyone aiming to learn CSS animations in an interactive way.

  • In his article Fractional, Ethan Marcotte discusses the use of the fr unit in the CSS Grid specification.

  • With "What Happens When You Create A Flexbox Flex Container?", Rachel Andrew started a small series about Flexbox and where it fits in in the designer toolbox for the web.

  • After a little intro about why the state of CSS is as it is and not always easy to understand, Chen Hui Jing goes on to introduce us to CSS shapes and exclusions.

  • If you're all in for playing little games while learning something at the same time, CSS Gridgarden or Flexbox Froggy might be diverting choice.

  • Chris Coyier writes about responsive images and the sizes attribute in his article "Sometimes sizes is importantβ€œ.


  • GitHub improved security on their website, enforcing stronger passwords, 2-factor authentication and more. Details include a self-hosted version of the HIBP database to check for breached passwords. Read more about it in their blog post.


  • Fonty is a web-based tools that lets you preview fonts directly on your live website.

Inclusive Design

  • Mismatch is a website full of stories, news and resources about inclusive design.β€œ

  • Never Assume Anything": Ellen Tannam shares rules for inclusive design.

This & That

  • abctosvg is a JavaScript library that allows you to display, edit, print and play music written in abc notation, a kind of yaml format for music.

  • Remy Sharp on how easy it is to introduce big security issues into your code in an attempt to make it easy on the user.

  • ReportingObserver is a new browser API that informs you when your website's health is at stake. It recognizes deprecated APIs or browser interventions.Instantly export and share CSS browser edits with the StyleURL app, a browser extension for the Chrome browser.

Last Minute

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