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Episode 78

20 Mar 2023

A new Kosmos issue just one week after the last? Well, this one is very special, as we have some important stuff to share with you:

  1. Don't miss our spring sale

  2. There's still time left to respond to our survey

  3. And last not least: there's some news to announce for Kirby.

But read on…

Spring Sale: Save 20% on all licenses

Spring is here and so is our sale. From today until April 3rd, 2023, you get a 20% discount on all our Kirby licenses, including volume packages.

Buy license now!

Take the Kirby survey until March 31st

More than 230 of you already responded to our survey, a lot of very positive feedback, but you have also put your finger on the pain points. Thanks to all of you who invested your valuable time to give us such helpful and detailed feedback. It means so much to us, and we can assure you that we take your replies very seriously.

If you haven't found the time yet to take part in our survey about all aspects of Kirby, you still have time until March 31st.

There's something great on the horizon

After the release of Kirby 3.9, the voices asking if a next version of Kirby is on the horizon, not surprisingly, became louder and louder. So today, we want to share some important news with you:

Kirby 4 will launch in 2023

We are very excited to announce that we are actively working on Kirby 4 with many great user-facing features and improvements. We want to release a first beta around May and share our progress with you out in the open. Final release of v4 is scheduled for later this summer.

All licenses purchased in 2023 qualify as Kirby 4 licenses

We will treat any license bought on or after 1 Jan 2023 as if you bought it on the day of the v4 release. For older licenses, we will offer very fair upgrade prices as always. No worries if you recently bought a license.


Kirby 4 will be built upon the healthy code base we established for Kirby 3. Upgrades will be comparable to a 3.x release. While we stay on the same architecture, this new version will bring many long-awaited features and is going to move your projects forward. But more on this soon.

The next big step

We are quite excited for Kirby 4, a great next step for our CMS, and we can't wait to share it with you. We really appreciate your continued support and are looking forward to taking you along for the ride. Stay tuned for teasers and more information about the upcoming beta.

A small selection from our survey

Kirby has the ability to position themselves as a 'love' brand, something people really love working with!"

"Kirby is the best thing that happened to me in my career as a web designer / developer!"

Kirby plugins

Kirby Lemon Squeezy: A plugin for working with the Lemon Squeezy API. Still in beta.

Looking for a sitemap plugin with support for multi-language? Kirby XML Sitemap is for you.

Typesense integration for Kirby CMS. Provides typesense indexation of your content and a full text typo tolerant search engine.