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Episode 77

14 Mar 2023

Almost three years ago, on March 21, 2020, our first ever Kirby Konf would have taken place, when the pandemic hit and not only turned all of our lives upside down, but also burst our long awaited conference. In planning Kirby Konf, we took a survey, the results of which we planned to present at the conference.

While we don't have any immediate plans for a new conference (but maybe we can start planning now that life is almost back to normal, what do you think?), we do at least have a new survey, and it would be great if many of you participated. See link below.

Kirby survey 2023

Tell us what you think about all aspects of Kirby: Features, release cycle, docs, support and more. The survey is completely anonymous, unless you want to tell us who you are.

The survey is was open until March 31st.

Kirby 3.9.2

Last week, we released Kirby 3.9.2, which brings back automatic migration for the old editor and builder fields to the blocks field. This will make it easier to migrate your old Kirby sites to 3.9. There are quite a few other new features, enhancements and fixes worth checking out.

Kirby in the wild


Kirby plugins

Protect panel user from creating pages in conflict with built-in or custom routes with Kirby Route Protect.

Kirby Toilet: Dump without stopping your thread or template rendering. Instead, your dumps will go straight to the new Toilet panel area, where you can inspect them.

Kirby buzz

"I migrated my static site to Kirby earlier this year and it's been a really wonderful experience so far!" Migrating from Eleventy to Kirby.

Why do we like Kirby so much? "We've only been using the Kirby CMS (content management system) for a few months but we have already decided it is a key part of our business for the future. Why?"

Manuel Matuzoviç takes a first look at Kirby: front-end.social/@matuzo/109938196359143571


Cal.com is an open-source alternative to Calendly that provides an infrastructure for scheduling events.

Toola: The open-source Retool alternative. Low-code platform for building internal tools fast.


Andy Bell shares a helpful little formula to create perfect rounded corners.

Three HTML attributes that improve the user experience of forms.

When maps are more performant and therefore preferable to objects in JavaScript.

CSS Color 4 brings wide gamut color tools and capabilities to the web: more colors, manipulation functions, and better gradients.

This & that

How formulas can be useful for determining optical adjustments.

Atlas Icons is an open source free icons' library, available in variable stroke SVG format, web font, Figma, React, Vue and Flutter ready to use packages.

A short, but important reminder why performance matters and why you should at least test for very slow connections and consider who you’re building for.

Carousels often have usability and accessibility issues. This article addresses design considerations and semantic requirements for carousels to be accessible.

This tutorial shows how to implement communication between a backend application written in PHP and a simple frontend application. Node.js will be used as a mediator between the frontend and backend applications because it is easy and efficient to write an application in this technology.

CSS Fingerprinting is a technique of tracking and gathering information on site visitors. This method exploits the nature of CSS to track various characteristics about the visitor's browser and device, which can later be used to either identify or track said visitor.

Code snippets in your editor of choice can greatly boost your efficiency. For common editors, there are usually extensions that provide snippets in a variety of languages. But you can also create your own, here's how to create custom snippets in VS Code.