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Episode 73

15 Nov 2022

The year is slowly coming to an end, less than 6 weeks until Christmas or the winter holidays. I'm really looking forward to this time of the year more than usual. This year has been particularly exhausting with all the negative news and the brutal war against Ukraine, even if at the same time this feeling seems somehow ridiculous for someone who is not directly affected.

But before we get into the holiday spirit too much, there is a lot of new stuff today, and I'm pretty sure there will be another Kosmos edition before the year ends.

Kirby 3.8.2 release

Kirby 3.8.2 comes with some nice query improvements and support for YouTube short video urls. We now also support UUIDs as API fields for pages, users and files. And of course, we also fixed some bugs… Check it out.

Kirby in the wild

Sens Consulting AS

Kirby plugins & tools

Kirby Uniform Turnstyle is a plugin that implements the Cloudflare Turnstile guard as spam protection for the Kirby Uniform plugin.

Kirby Deepl Fields translates input and textarea fields with DeepL (Free & Pro API) at the click of a button.

Use columns in block fields based on the layout field with the Column Blocks plugin.

Google translate for Kirby provides Google Cloud Translation V2 API integration for pages. It creates instant translations and updates the contents of the corresponding language (paid).

Kirby Walker lets you export and import all the content of your website, taking into account blueprints and custom filters.

Kirby CLI Tools comes with a set of useful (and opiniated) tools for use with the Kirby CLI.

php-simple-captcha creates and verifies captcha images, without dependencies and preserving the privacy of your users.

Shop Talk with Basti

It's been a while that this conversation was recorded (how time flies), but in case you missed Bastian on the Shop Talk ahow, it's never too late to listen to him talk Kirby shop.


Set up coding style standards and fix violations automatically with configurable tools that are easy to implement.

Learn how to create Open Graph images for your blog posts with content representations.


Device.css: A nice set of devices made with pure CSS.

Layout Breakouts with CSS Grid: Extend elements beyond the content area with CSS Grid & named grid lines.

Using adaptive CSS to improve performance. Leveraging browser priorities to let only relevant CSS block rendering of your content.


Monitoring the RAM usage of your PHP apps can be handy especially if you notice high memory consumption while running an algorithm.

Rector is a CLI tool written in PHP. It can instantly upgrade old PHP code and handle automated refactorings. Sounds a bit too good to be true?

FrankenPHP is an app server for PHP apps (built on top of Caddy) and a library to embed the PHP interpreter in Go web servers. Still in its early stages, not ready for production.


Metlo is an open-source API security platform that creates an inventory of all your API endpoints, lets you test your APIs before they go into production and detects API attacks in real-time.

broz is a simple, frameless browser that lets you make screenshots of websites without any browser chrome.

Kiota is a command line tool for generating an API client to call any OpenAPI described API you are interested in. Supports multiple programming languages.

JSON Hero is an open-source, beautiful JSON explorer for the web that lets you browse, search and navigate your JSON files at speed.

This & that

A team of lawyers in the US are investigating a potential lawsuit against GitHub Copilot for violating its legal duties to open-source authors and end users.

If you are using Git on the command line, it is hard to remember all those commands with their complex arguments. Git aliases makes your life easier.