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Episode 72

06 Oct 2022

We have exciting news today: Kirby 3.8.0 is here and it comes with the most voted feature by our community finally implemented: Unique IDs.

Check out all the updates and don’t miss our release sale …

Kirby 3.8.0

New Unique ID system

For everlasting relationships

No more lost relationships in picker fields because you changed the slug of a page, or renamed a file or updated a user id.

New update checks

Keep your installation healthy

New object field

More power for your data

The new object field allows you to create data objects. This is super handy for more complex settings, isolated entities or nested data.

Good-bye PHP 7.4, hello PHP 8+

Use the potential of a modern PHP environment


With PHP 7.4 reaching end of live, we drop its support in Kirby 3.8.0. PHP 8 not only brings an incredible performance boost but also language features that move Kirby forward.

Artistic control for your images

With new ratio, crop and caption fields, the gallery block is now much more powerful.

Of course, the preview respects those settings.

Supercharge your workflow

The revival of our command line interface is here and it's better than ever before. Managing your Kirby installations has never been easier.

For a full list of all features and enhancement and an overview of breaking changes, check out the changelog.

Save 20% until October 20th

To celebrate the launch, you get a 20% discount on all our Kirby license prices, i.e., also on volume prices. The offer is valid until October 20th. So be quick before you forget 😉 getkirby.com/buy.

Migrating from Kirby 3.7.x to 3.8.0

Kirby 3.8.0 is a major Kirby version that comes with some breaking changes. To make the migration process smoother for you, we have created two migration guides.

Kirby in the wild


Kirby plugins & tools

The Kirby Roomle plugin provides a custom block to integrate the Roomle 3D Configurator (furniture configurator) into your Kirby site.

Open or trigger URLs from the Panel with the Kirby Panel button plugin.

Kirby Fest is a collection of TypeScript types to work with Kirby, mainly in the context of the Kirby Query Language.

Kirby articles

Baptiste Lhopitault describes how keep track of updating multiple Kirby instances with the help of a custom plugin. Article in French.

This & that

MarkWhen: Make a cascading timeline from markdown-like text. Supports simple American/European date styles, ISO8601, images, links, locations, and more.

How to use Composer in Docker when PHP (and composer) are not installed on your system.

Learn how to use CSS clip-path and Clip Path editor in Firefox DevTools to create beautiful, fluid section breaks, dividers, and separators.

GDPR Video adds a GDPR-style consent prompt for YouTube and Vimeo videos on your website.

Critical CSS: Extracting critical CSS and placing it inline is commonly regarded as a performance win. However, implementing it correctly is not without issues and not always the best choice.

Performance: Load your LCP hero image sooner with fetch-priority.

Don't add the aria-label attribute when you are already using visual labels. Here's why.

Accessibility is not only a frontend responsibility, but also a backend concern.