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Episode 69

27 Jun 2022

Wait, another Kosmos edition after only two weeks? What's happening?
Well, we have a great new major Kirby version to celebrate, so say hello

Kirby 3.7 "Kinyongia"

Kirby 3.7 comes with a lot of cool features that make all the difference. But see for yourself after the short sale break:

Get 20% off for a (not so) short time

For the next two weeks, until July 11th, 2022, you get a 20% discount on
all our Kirby license prices , i.e., also on
volume prices. So be quick before you forget.

And here are the most notable new Kirby 3.7 features:

New stats section

Turn your dashboard into a smartĀ report

Table layout for sections

All relevant content at a glance

Multi-toggle field

Stylish options you will love

Improved system view

Important info about your site in one place

Fresh UI design for the Panel

Subtle changes to make you feel right at home

Icons, icons, icons

Eye candy for the Panel

For an overview of all new features, deprecations and breaking changes,
check out our release page.

Kirby plugins

Kirby Colors provides a color selection field which stores its values (color name, hex value and class name)as JSON.

And from the Kosmos


Check how much JS code you could remove by using modern JavaScript with EStimator.

Lazy-load YouTube videos with vanilla JavaScript to prevent unnecessary loading of JavaScript files if the video is never played.


Assetic is a PHP asset manager which included filters for image optimization, minifying & uglifying files, or parsing SASS into CSS.

churn-php is a package that helps you identify PHP files in your project that could be good candidates for refactoring.

Tools & libraries

The Knightlab develops prototypes,projects, and services that help make information meaningful. Projects include libraries for timelines storylines or storymaps and a few more.

Write newsletters in Markdown and send to many recipients from your machine using AWS SES with Newsletter CLI .

Arctype is an SQL client and database management tool available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. App pricing is subscription based with a free tier, account is optional, though.

JSON Mask is a language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest, while preserving the structure of the original input object.

DevDash is a highly configurable terminal dashboard for developers and creators.


Interneting is hard: HTML and CSS tutorials for absolute beginners.