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Episode 52

15 Jan 2021

Happy New Year! Hope you had a relaxing break over the holidays and feel recharged to cope with whatever 2021 has in store for us.

Kirby in the wild

Websites created with Kirby out in the wild are always a great source of inspiration and show that with its flexibility and extensibility there are hardly any limits to what you can create with Kirby.

HID made by JUNO

Kirby 3.5.1-RC1

On Tuesday, we published the Kirby 3.5.1 release candidate. Help us test it before the final release next Tuesday. Kirby 3.5.1 comes with a lot of enhancements, fixes and some new features:

New blocks navigation in the blocks drawerExtendable settings in the Layout fieldSupport for blocks in field queries

(Re)watch the Kirby 3.5 show

Missed the Kirby 3.5 Release Show in beyond tellerrand’s Stay Curious Café?

Watch now.


Track page views, referrers and devices on your Kirby 3 website. Kirby 3 Simplestats provides a minimal solution for self-hosted and non-intrusive visitor analytics.

Cache bust your assets without using query strings with a little help from the Kirby Hashed Assets plugin.

Kirby Locked Pages: Access-protect pages in your Kirby installation with a login

Always test third-party plugins thoroughly before using them in production. Note that we do not test plugins we list here.

Cookbook recipes

Do you want to get better at debugging your PHP code and leave var_dump() behind? Then check out our new step-by-step recipe how to get Xdebug up and running together with VS Code.

If you want to store content in the new Blocks field from the frontend, the Update blocks programmatically recipe will come in handy.

Delivering your assets and files using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) made easy with Kirby loves CDN.

Keep your code dry has some tips how to increase your code's performance and circumvent typical traps.


GitHub has removed all cookie banners from their websites. Let's hope that others will follow suit, because they are generally a pain in the neck worsened by the dark patterns often used in these banners.


"PHP doesn't have to be terrible": Why Vimeo is still happily using PHP in 2021.

PHP-blurhash is a PHP implementation of the Blurhash library that can be used to create image placeholders.

Clockwork is a development tool that allows you to debug PHP right in the browser.


Elaina Natario explains the semantic differences between the alt attribute and the figcaption tag and how they can coexist.

Sarah Higley wrote about table and grid semantics.

Create a SPA with Vue 3 and Kirby based on Johann Schopplich's Kirby Vue Starterkit: SEO-friendly, automatic routing, multi-lang-ready and more.

Is progressive enhancement dead yet? A well crafted, entertaining Heydon Pickering video reminding us of the importance of progressive enhancement.

Christian Heilmann shows how to use browser dev tools to find potential accessibility issues in websites.

This & That

Learn how to use Unix pipes, fittingly explained with an example how to find all t() helper occurrences in your Kirby project.

LinkAce is a self-hosted bookmark archive to store and organize links of your favorite websites.

We can’t talk about making green websites. Instead, we need to think in terms of harm reduction ( Eric Bailey)