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Kirby Kosmos

Another month has passed since our last Kosmos episode and we are super excited to share a ton of hot news, interesting resources and useful links with you.

Last week, with the release of Kirby 2.4.0 beta, Panel permissions have finally made it into Kirby. And there are tons of other new features, enhancements, and improvements to discover. We are looking forward to your help and feedback to remove any issues before the final release.

We've also written up two new cookbook recipes (Ajax Form Validation and Ajax Load More) that make use of the new "Content Representations" feature. Try them out!

Vote for Kirby – CMS Critic Awards

  • We are nominated for Best Small Business CMS at the CMS Critic Awards. We still need to work on the wrong label "small", but we are proud to be nominated anyway. It would be really awesome if you could vote for us. Voting is open until November 1, 2016.

Kirby Plugins

  • The User Manager panel extension by LCD344. It adds a panel page with datatables for filtering or searching users, and allows separating users from admins in a custom user folder.

  • LCD344 also made this Panel Extension Boilerplate, which will facilitate the process of developing your own Panel extension.


  • In his article „A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies“ Zach Leatherman evaluates the pros and cons of font loading strategies based on a couple of criteria like ease of implementation, browser support, scalability and many more.

  • As its name suggest, Typography Supply is a pretty useful inventory of typographic tools covering everything from type identification to making typefaces.


  • Concerned about security? Head over to the Mozilla Observatory to check the configuration of your site.


  • Looking for resources on accessibility? Then check out Awesome Accessibility, a curated list of accessibility tools, articles, tutorials, books and other resources. Do you have resources to share? You can contribute to the list.

Regex Voodoo

  • When regular expressions make you want to pull your hair out, try out Simple Regex Language) (SRL). SRL provides a clean and simple query language, and will translate your queries into the corresponding regex expressions for you.


  • Anchor by Max Burnside is a multi-purpose Kirby theme. It features JavaScript-powered portfolio filtering and search, as well as a payment gateway via SendOwl, and MailChimp integration.


  • Polr is an open-source URL shortening application you can host on your own server. It allows you to brand your URLs and to keep control over your data.

Powered by Kirby

Every month, a lot of great Kirby-powered websites are published. Like every month, we selected three, each of them very unique:

Win an ImageKit License

Kirby team member Fabian Michael, creator of ImageKit, is raffling off 5 licences of his plugin. If you’d love to win a license, head over to the forum and tell us why you like the plugin or what you plan to do with it until October 14, 2016. The lucky winners will be notified by Fabian via PM on October 17, 2016. Good luck to everyone!

Those of you who are not that lucky can get a 30% discount on the ImageKit license from October 17 to October 31, 2016 using the promo code KOSMOS2016.

That's it for this month's episode of Kirby Kosmos. We hope you enjoyed it, and we'd absolutely love to have your feedback in the forum or on Twitter.

Sonja & Lukas from the Kirby team