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Episode 3

02 Sep 2016

Even hot summer days (at least in our part of the world) could not stop the Kirby community from creating great Kirby extensions, and so we have lots of new stuff to share with you in our third Kosmos episode.

Meanwhile, the Kirby team has been working on some amazing new features for our next big release, Kirby 2.4. Keep an eye out on Twitter and the forum to be one of the first to try them out in the upcoming beta release.
Beta testing helps us a lot to fix all those small bugs before the release.

There are also some new recipes in the Cookbook and a few more in the pipeline. Check them out, we are looking forward to your feedback!

Kirby Plugins

  • Are you interested in creating image backgrounds like Google or Etsy do it? Or make a colored fadeout overlay on an image? The Dominant Color Extractor plugin finds the dominant color in an image and saves it to your image meta file. Give it a try!
  • Have you been waiting for a field that allows you to display additional fields only when they are needed? Then the Kirby Toggle field by Thomas Günther was made for you.
  • With August Miller's Kirby Map field, adding location data to your Kirby pages becomes a breeze. The field may even be used within structure fields, or as a file field. Multiple maps per page are also supported.
  • Jens Törnell has completely overhauled his Revisions plugin, which stores versions of your pages and allows users to restore them if they are not happy with their updates. It works as a field you can use in your blueprints and then provides a user interface to compare changes. Very powerful but simple!
  • The Translation field by Flo Kosiol helps you to keep track of the translation status of pages in the Panel. With the upcoming version, you will also be able to use the translation status to filter collections in your controllers/templates.


  • Macotuts is a community project created by Constantin and Mathieu. The intention of their website is to bring tutorials to Kirby developers of all levels. Additionally, they publish a weekly link list.

Kirby Tools

  • Do you happen to use the Atom editor? If so, your life as a Kirby developer will get a whole lot easier with the Kirby Atom snippets by Thomas Günther, which contain all methods from the Kirby Cheat Sheet.


  • Jets.js is a realtime frontend search engine that uses CSS to filter the results in a list. Instead of adding attributes to individual tags, dynamic CSS rules are added to a <style> tag, which makes it very fast. Jets.js can be used with any HTML tag (lists, divs, tables etc.).
  • If you care about your website's performance and are looking for an alternative to jQuery Masonry, then Salvattore might be what you have been looking for. It is really lightweight and does not have any dependencies. Configuration and styling are all done via your CSS.


  • Need a fast way to embed sharing buttons on your website? Sharingbuttons.io is an online generator that provides you with social media sharing buttons without any JavaScript and without tracking.


  • Catch errors in your stylesheets, enforce best practices or code style conventions with stylelint, a CSS linter that also supports CSS-like syntaxes like SCSS or Less.


  • The latest book in the fantastic A Book Apart series is Practical SVG by Chris Coyier. As the title implies, the book is great if you want to learn how to work with SVGs in real projects and how to make them ready for the web.

Powered by Kirby

Every month, a lot of great Kirby-powered websites are published. Like last month, we selected three, each of them very unique:

That's it for this month's episode of Kirby Kosmos.
We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to send us feedback in the forum or on Twitter.

Sonja & Lukas from the Kirby team