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Episode 13

07 Jul 2017

Two weeks ago we finally released Kirby 2.5. with a lot of bug fixes and some useful new little features. The changelog has all the details for you. Kirby 2.5.2 was released this Tuesday.

Some of you were getting pretty impatient because it took us so long to come up with that new Kirby version. We are sorry for the delay and we heard you. From now on we will have a more regular release cycle that will hopefully make everybody happy (again).

The main reason why Kirby 2.5 was delayed that much is our next big step. You can now follow us on our journey to Kirby 3!

Register Now for the First Ever Kirby Workshop

Become a Kirby Expert in a day and register for our first Kirby Workshop that will take place on November 6, 2017 at btconf, Berlin, Germany. Looking forward to seeing you there!Powered by Kirby

Powered by Kirby

It's always inspiring to see what others are creating with Kirby. This month’s picks are again very different and very unique:

Monkey 47



Investment Advisors

Normannenhaus Jena

Event location

Kirby Plugins

  • Kirby took over the domain (http://getkirby-plugins.com) from Jonas Döbertin, who did a fantastic job in maintaining that site for years (thanks Jonas!). The domain now redirects to the comprehensive plugin repository created and constantly updated by Jens Tornell and John Coyne (thanks guys).

  • In our new "deprecated plugins repo" we collect plugins that have been abandoned by their original developers. While there is no guarantee at all that these plugins are still working or will in the future, the repo may be useful to get inspired. Also, feel free to take over any of these plugins and continue their development.

  • Easily define a fallback image with the function provided by the Image with Default plugin created by Meyric Rawlings (free).

  • The CSV to HTML plugin by Lauri Liimatta provides a table Kirbytag that takes a CSV file and converts into into an HTML table. If you need support for Excel files, check out the Kirby Spreadsheet plugin (both free).

New Kirby Themes

Ma Petite Entreprise

As the French name of this theme created by Constantin Joly suggests, it targets small businesses like a Restaurant, Tattoo Studio or Architect. Features filters, categories, galleries and some customizations.


Velox is a universal, multi-purpose theme by Vladimir Yordanov. Like the Kirby Starterkit, it features a blog, project section and some static pages. Built using the Bulma CSS framework.


  • Do you want to get more familiar with the Javascript console and have 8 minutes to spare? Then this read might be just right for you.

  • Infinite scroll is a Javascript plugin that automatically loads the content of the next page on scroll without a complete page load. Other features include URL updating, support for the history API, loading via button, and a lot of other options.


  • While Kirby comes with form validation methods for the backend, form validation on the frontend with Javascript can greatly enhance the experience for the user. CSS tricks recently published a four part series about several options you might want to check out: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

  • But before you can even start validating your form, you have to get the user to fill it in without much effort. This article on Smashing Magazine has some tips.


Mockaroo is a data generator tool that lets you generate up to 1000 datasets with different field types in different output formats (JSON, CSV, Excel etc.). The data can then be used to create Kirby structure entries or pages using a script or plugin.


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