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reinorange GmbH

End-to-End Digital Excellence

Duisburg / Hamburg, Germany
4+ people
We speak German & English

Our expertise

  • Simple to Advanced Kirby Implementations
  • Custom Kirby Plugins
  • Kirby Development Consulting
  • UX/UI Design and Consulting
  • Software Engineering

About us

Your shield against the uncertainties of the digital age. Protecting your sanity by weeding out the useless and focussing on joyful customer experiences.

Thinking digital end-to-end: from concept to code.

Certified Kirby Partner

Our certification process

For each partner application, we perform a manual review with the help of testing tools. Our review includes checks for crucial web vitals and best practices in development, design and content structure.

The review of our Certified Kirby Partners goes beyond that. With access to the source code of a full project, we perform a detailed manual code review that allows us to look behind the scenes of the partner's work. Our certification includes the following aspects:

  • Code quality
  • Performance
  • Privacy & Security
  • Semantics & Accessibility
  • Panel layout & Usability
  • Responsiveness & Modularity
  • Code documentation