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hana+nils · Büro für Gestaltung

Design Studio


Braunschweig, Germany


We speak German & English

Our expertise

  • Custom Kirby implementations
  • Web and print design
  • UI/UX design
  • Digital strategy
  • Typography

About us

We are hana+nils, a multidisciplinary design studio from Braunschweig, Germany, creating visual designs for digital and analog media. Tailored to your project’s requirements, our studio offers all necessary steps from concept through implementation to build your website.

From Frontend to Backend

We believe that good design involves great expertise in all parts of the system. This is why we pair our knowledge in design with a deep understanding of the web platform, using semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript as our base for a Kirby setup that fits your needs.

Communication by Design

For us, shared conversation plays a central role in the process of building a site. Analysis, research, and a critical examination of the initial situation and objectives lead us to strong concepts for content, structure and design. Our primary goal is to clearly communicate what you have to say. To achieve this, we strive for structural and typographic clarity, and draw on the interaction of color, form, time and space.

Project Management

Reliable project management forms the foundation of our work. We plan and coordinate working with you and with other parties as required.

We are Johanna and Nils Hörrmann, husband and wife, working together since 2011 as Büro für Gestaltung in Braunschweig, Germany. We speak German and English and work remotely as well as on location.