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Bruno Meilick


Certified Kirby Partner




I speak German & English

My expertise

  • Custom Kirby implementations
  • Performance optimizations
  • Webshop/payment integrations
  • Custom styled newsletter/emails
  • Import/export of data
  • Kirby extensions
  • PHP, Alpine.js, Tailwind.css

About me

Bruno Meilick

With my background as a trained Software Developer and graduated Bachelor in Interaction Design ZHdK (Switzerland, 2009), I specialized in Web-Development early in my career. I live on the West Coast of Ireland with my wife and four kids.

Kirby mastery

Since I joined the Kirby community back in 2015, I have created more than 50 projects utilizing Kirby for websites and custom tools. I create many free plugins because I believe in open source for educational purposes and as a means of code stability.

Front- and Backend Development

Way and Bridge. During my work as a hired freelancer or employee of design agencies, I was planning and creating websites as well as acting as middle between designers and developers.

Less is more. Being a minimalist at heart I focus on making websites fast, lean and easy to use for both the visitors and the editors. I apply various coding tricks and layers of caches to speed things up, map client workflows to custom Panel extensions or can consult you on Web UX Design.

Think first, act later. Projects with complex setups like with a lot of data, multiple data sources or connections/export to external services are right up my alley of expertise. I tackle them with a solid plan, Test Driven Development and when needed joining up with other designers/developers.

All or Parts. While I do prefer working on projects from start to finish you can also hire me to add custom implementations like importing data from a database or to improve the performance of your existing website.