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Bruno Meilick


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I speak German & English

My expertise

  • Performance optimisations
  • Unit and Browser testing
  • A/B testing, feature flags
  • Import/export/migration of data
  • Webshop/payment and subscriptions
  • Newsletter and transactional email
  • Responsive, custom styled emails
  • Relational Databases and MongoDB
  • PHP, Alpine.js, Tailwind CSS
  • CI/CD

About me

Bruno Meilick

With a background in Software Development and a Bachelor's degree in Interaction Design from ZHdK (Switzerland, 2009), I focused on Web Development early in my career. I now live in central Ireland with my wife and four kids.

Kirby Mastery

I've been part of the Kirby community since 2015, working on over 50 projects using Kirby for websites and custom tools. I create many free plugins because I believe in open source for education and code stability.

Front- and Backend Development

Bridging the gap. As a freelancer and agency employee, I’ve planned and created websites, often serving as the bridge between designers and developers.

Less is more. As a minimalist, I make websites fast, lean, and user-friendly for visitors and editors. I use various coding techniques and caching layers to speed things up, customize workflows with Panel extensions, and provide Web UX Design consulting.

Think first, act later. I excel in projects with complex setups involving large datasets, multiple data sources, or integrations with external services. I approach these challenges with solid planning, Test-Driven Development, and collaboration with other professionals when needed.

All or parts. While I prefer working on projects from start to finish, you can hire me for specific tasks, like importing data from a database or optimizing your existing website’s performance.

Klub Plugin. I offer a paid extension to Kirby CMS called Klub, which supports paywalls, memberships, and subscriptions.

Certified Kirby Partner

Our certification process

For each partner application, we perform a manual review with the help of testing tools. Our review includes checks for crucial web vitals and best practices in development, design and content structure.

The review of our Certified Kirby Partners goes beyond that. With access to the source code of a full project, we perform a detailed manual code review that allows us to look behind the scenes of the partner's work. Our certification includes the following aspects:

  • Code quality
  • Performance
  • Privacy & Security
  • Semantics & Accessibility
  • Panel layout & Usability
  • Responsiveness & Modularity
  • Code documentation